“When was the last time a professional yacht tradesman exceeded your expectations in every way?”

The enclosure is AMAZING! It has totally changed our lives afloat. It makes time travelling and on anchor so much better and has doubled the living area of the boat.

It’s incredibly well built, such high quality and from a functionality point of view, offering so many options, it’s like you knew more about what we needed than we did.

And then there is the look! Your design has genuinely added to the looks of our boat, something we didn’t dare hope for, bringing out its natural lines and actually improving it!

A BIG thank you from both of us, Dave. We have never dealt with a finer craftsman.

Anneke and Stephen, E Capoe, RQYS

100 knots. New record for you?

Hi Dave. You did our dodger and bimini around 2012, still looks brand new. We still appreciate your design input every day.
We are in the Phillipines now and recently went through typhoon Nina. The eye passed within a couple of miles so we got the full force, peaked at 100 knots. We had taken the bimini off and left the dodger on, it came through unscathed.
The anchorage was chaos, 120 ft ships dragging , four 60 ft outrigger boats flipped over. We had our moments but at least we could see what was coming through the dodger.

Bryan and Melinda. SV Velella

We had heard nothing but glowing reports about Dave’s work and all examples we had seen around the marina were so beautiful. In fact it got to the stage where we could pick out Dave’s work immediately.

We had vague ideas about what we wanted but no real ability to translate that into designs but with Dave’s first visit to us we knew we didn’t need to worry. Our ideas were transformed into the most stunning dodger/bimini/cockpit enclosure arrangement that exceeded anything we had thought of or had thought possible!

We also commissioned a boom bag and bow awning that not only look like part of the boat but have revolutionised its liveability. Again, all designed by Dave and the craftsmanship is exceptional. We are still to this day discovering little things that are so clever.

Many thanks Dave and Aaron and to the craftsmen back at the workshop who we never met.

Tracey Watts and Greg McGuire, Speculari

“The work Dave and his team have done on our boat is exceptional. We needed a new dodger and bimini with filler; sailbag; side clears and a numbers of shade covers. Dave listened to our views and then, as the project evolved, suggested improvements which greatly enhanced both the design and functionality of the various components.

We are delighted with the finished product. While the end result is stunning, the collaborative process and Dave’s almost fanatical drive for excellence were the most rewarding aspect of this project.”

Connie Naulls and Peter Johnstone, Brisbane

“I have now had the pleasure of working with David’s Custom Trimmers installing Polycarbonate Windows on two boats with great success. Dave Elliott is a master of his craft and his years of experience and attention to detail only complements the Polycarbonate Windows product. Once you have moved to the Polycarbonate Windows, you will never go back to standard clears. Being a ridged polycarbonate, they outperform standard clear in all conditions. They are extremely clear for vision at night and don’t lose any clarity. The Polycarbonate Windows don’t fade from UV, wont stain from sun screen and are very easy to keep clean and looking like new. The clears don’t flap in the breeze and the Polycarbonate Windows look drum tight giving the boat a very clean and professional finish. With the years of experience working with clears, David’s Custom Trimmers know how to install clears so they don’t leak. The performance of this product on both my boats has been outstanding and I would recommend making the investment in Polycarbonate Windows every time, I wouldn’t use any other product.”

Peter Hyne – RQYS Member

“When was the last time a professional yacht tradesman exceeded your expectations in every way?
-on time for appointments -listened to/incorporated your ideas -provided the highest quality work & customer service
We had a unique dodger designed to fit our catamaran. It is amazing to see through it so clearly. We are satisfied customers.”

Michael Lutz & Swanie Schmidt – US citizens sailing the east coast of Australia